The Winter Hymn
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The Winter Hymn

Pantha Du Prince
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The first single from Pantha Du Prince's album The TriadThe Winter Hymn EP features the eponymous album track, an extended version of Dream Yourself Awake and the non-album track Post Human Palisades.

While Weber's influential 2010 album ‘Black Noise’, also released on Rough Trade, saw him embrace a compositional process in solitude, his new approach revolves more around collaboration, with Scott Mou (Queens) and Bendik Kjeldsberg of the Bell Laboratory making appearances on the album.

Yet the sparkling mallet sounds of The Winter Hymn evoke associations with his previous solo album, revealing his on-going appreciation of glacial aesthetics. They become overcast with Scott Mou’s delicately washed out vocals, the minimal beat accentuating the glistening arpeggios in the background.

The other two tracks are exercises in long-form techno: whereas Post Human Palisades dares a bolder bass and a small dose of dissonant notes, Dream Yourself Awake develops from the fat synth subs-based propelling to densely layered, vocal infused electronica.

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