The Dark Crawler
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The Dark Crawler

Terror Danjah
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Grime's top boy producer asserts his status on a diverse and hugely enjoyable 2nd album for Hyperdub.

As ever, Terror Danjah's production is flawless, exemplary even, to the rest of the UK scene, but it's pretty clear by this point in his career that man's basically in a league of his own. From his perch he picks prime collaborators both young and experienced.

Longtime spar D.O.K, assists on the bellicose badness of Dark Gremlinz and Riko Dan is fearsome on the recurring riddim Dark Crawler Interlude and Trim comes complex, compelling on another.

Meanwhile the youngers keep it fresh, especially Champion on the mad, HyperFunky sound design of Air Max 90.

There's a mighty run of vocal street soul killers, too - from the Timbaland-like You Make Me Feel starring Meleka to the incredible slowfast junglist swerve of Delicately with Ruby Lee Ryder.

But we daresay the best bits are his solo moments - the unfeasibly tucked and rugged dancer's spesh Rum Punch and the shark-eyed darkside D&B/Grime hybrid Moschino, and for contrast a private moment named Baby Oil.

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