XAllegroX / The Shape of Remixxxes to Come
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XAllegroX / The Shape of Remixxxes to Come

Lorenzo Senni
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Lorenzo Senni's 2017 release XAllegroX / The Shape Of Trance To Come gets the remix treatment from his Presto!? label crew DJ Stingray and Florian Hecker plus Tale Of Us.

Since their release, the original tracks have been championed by everyone from Aphex Twin, Dixon, Pete Tong and Pitchfork not to mention being one of our favourite 12"s of 2017. Revisiting them in the hands of these very capable remixers, we have been blown away by the new dimensions that have been opened up within Lorenzo's serotonin drenching rhythm patterns.

First up is DJ Stingray's Molto Allegro Mix of XAllegroX, the legendary Drexciyan DJ and producer in his own right plunges Lorenzo's Roland JP-8000 riffs into subzero waters, freezing and rebuilding them into a killer aquatic-dub that to our ears, perpetrates the same mode of zero gravity arctic electro of Heinrich Muller's remix of Zig-Zag by Rustie that cracked our speakers into similar shapes back in '09.

Next up, Florian Hecker turns in an incredibly rare remix appearance with his Scattering.m Sequence take on XAllegroX. Words are kind of pointless when it comes to describing this one for a number of reasons. First and foremost it's a HECKER remix! secondly its a HECKER remix of LORENZO SENNI! Need we say more? As expected, it really doesn't really get any better than this, does it? As you would expect Hecker's remix is mind-bogglingly brilliant, the sensations it creates are something like biting into an ice cold bowl of Lorenzo's Quantum Jelly on the hottest day of the year. Truly delicious!

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